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The N.C.C. came in to existence on 16th July 1948 under the N.C.C. act XXXI of 1948 under the Ministry of Defense. In 1972 an exercise was undertaken by the Ministry of Defense to make aims of the N.C.C. in tune with the aspiration of the youth in view of changing socio economic environment. The N.C.C. activities have undergone a sea change from its inception to the present day. From drill and weapons training in the beginning the spectrum of N.C.C. activities has expanded considerably including games and sports.

N.C.C. is an inter service organization and its flag represents the three components of Army, Navy and Air force. N.C.C.(Army) has a special place in our college. The college has N.C.C. unit for SD boys. The training is divided in to five distinct parts namely institutional training, community training; youth exchange programme, sports and adventure training. The N.C.C. cadets of our college are in the forefront in rendering assistance to the needy. Some of the major activities are blood donation, tree plantation, adult literacy, AIDS awareness, pulse polio, traffic control camping etc. cadets are also take part in different camps and adventure activities like trekking, mountaineering, Para jumping, Para sailing, Rock climbing.

Our college is a member of 11 Mah. Battalion N.C.C. Akola and Mr. Harichand N. Nareti, Lecturer of Senior College, is Care taker of N.C.C. Unit.

We feel that for strong national character unity and integration every student must join N.C.C. as it makes an individual capable to deal with live situations. Each cadet of our institution today have same thing to say.


NCC Reports

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1 Activity 2021-22
2 Activity 2020-21
3 Activity 2019-20
4 Activity 2018-19
5 Swachh Bharat 2017-18
6 Traffic Rule 2017-18
7 Tree Plantation 2017-18
8 AIDS Awareness Rally 2017-18