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  1. Students are prohibited to enter the premises of the college without the due identity card issued by the college.
  2. Without obtaining the due permission of the Principal display any kind of notice on the notice board is prohibited.
  3. Writing of any kind is prohibited. Criminal action will taken against the person who infringes/breaks this rule.
  4. For getting fees concession students should/must be ready with all the required documents at the time of admission.
  5. Students should/ought to contract the O.S. for their complaints what so ever. They must not argue with the employees.
  6. Students must remain present to the periods. 75% attendance is mandatory. Students who don't fulfil this condition they shall not be eligible for appearing for the university examination.
  7. It is presumed that the student taking admission has accepted and consented all the rules and it is mandatory for all the students to follow these rules and regulations.
  8. All the rights reserved with the Principal to change all or any rule or to introduce new rule/rules.
  9. It the number of students for a particular subject is not sufficient, that subject shall not be taught. The student shall have to offer other subject.
  10. Timing for paying fees. Monday to Friday 11 am. to 2 pm., on Saturday 11 am to 12 noon (excluding holidays)
  11. Free admissions are given to the students eligible for scholarship but the compliance and the submission of all the necessary documents ought to be done at the time of admission. If the students eligible for the benefit of scholarship have non submitted scholarship forms or they have been rejected by the social welfare dept. under such circumstances the students shall have to pay the entire fees.
  12. Wide S.G.B. Amravati University letter no. S.G.B./Amt/3/P/54/2019 dated 09/04/2019, the students admitted in the final year shall not be eligible to appear for Sem IV unless they clear their I Sem and II Sem examinations.
    1. Admission of any student for what so ever reason is treated as illegal by the university, the Principal shall have right to cancel such admission. No admission shall be confirmed unless it is enrolled by the university.
    2. After taking admission, if the behavior of any student is found detrimental to the discipline of the college his/her admission shall be cancelled.
  13. The students who passed the S.S.C. or the H.S.C. examination from the other state must submit their Migration Certificate or necessary at the time of admission.
  14. Any kind of Certificate or T.C. or any other such certificate shall be issued on the third day from the submission of the application for the same. The student shall have to pay the required fee for such certificate.
  15. It is mandatory to remain present for Unit Test/First Term/Second Term examination conducted by the college. The absent students shall be penalized.
  16. The student (he/she) must clear Physical Test conducted by the college.