National Service Scheme (NSS)

N.S.S is a community service program sponsored by the Ministry of Human Resources Development, Department of Youth Affairs and Sports, New Delhi. The Motto of the N.S.S is Not Me But You. Objective of the N.S.S is development of the personality of student through Community Service.

N.S.S Unit of Sitabai Arts College was started with about 50 students. Presently the N.S.S Unit consists of 200 students from senior college and 100 students from Junior college. Every year with about 50% participation of girl students.

NSS Programme officers
  • 1. Dr.Prasannajit Gavai (Asst. Prof.) - Programme Officer for the Boys
  • 2. Prof.Chhaya Ghadiyalji (Kherdekar) (Asst. Prof.) - Programme Officer for the Girls.

 Activities of the N.S.S Unit :

The activities of the N.S.S. are to help the students understand community, their relation with community, National Integration, and Social problems. The activities are divided into 2 parts :

  • 1. Regular Activities
  • 2. Special Winter Camps and carried out through out the year.
1.  Regular Activities :

Generally, meetings of NSS students are held every week on Sundays during the academic year and various activities are carried out by the students and for students. The activities include talks elocution, poster competitions, debate competitions, blood donation camp and lectures / talks for students, tree plantation, cleanliness drive, and street plays.

2.  Special Winter Camps :

During the special winter camping programme of 10 days, every year common activities such as shramdan, Tree Plantation, cleaning of drainage lines, repairs and construction of roads, Cleaning of the area, Slide shows, talks/ lectures, Village Survey, Cultural activities, Blood Donation, Trekking, Nature watch, Rallies, etc. are undertaken along with some special activities.