The sociology subject at the degree level in the college started in the session 1980-81. Subsequently, P.G. in sociology course was started in the session 1996-97. As the first head of the department, Dr. Dinkar Eknath Umbarkar rendered uninterrupted service for 25 consecutive years and he retired on 31 August 2021. During his tenure, he completed one Major Research Project and one Minor Research Project sponsored by UGC. Under the guidance of Dr. Dinkar Umbarkar 25 students got Ph. D. degree and 16 students got M. Phil degree. In the short history of department many experts have been serving in this department, include in Deshpande Madam, Vanjari Sir, Dr. Jarare, Dr. Kirdak. Late. Prof. Teltumbde etc. Currently Dr. Sunil Pralhad Gaygol is working as the Head of the Department of Sociology and the department is work in progress with the help of Prof. Dilip Kumre.

The Department of UG and PG of Sociology is at the forefront of every academic and social activity in the college. The department regularly organizes educational study tours and educational projects in various parts of Maharashtra with the objective of expanding the latent qualities of the students and creating social awareness among them as well as creating a social research attitude. In a very short span of time, the Department of Sociology has created a distinct impression not only in the college but also in the university. So far, 30 students from the postgraduate department have secured a place in the merit list of the university by achieving spectacular achievements. At the same time, 34 students from the Department of Sociology have achieved success in the National and State Level Educational Eligibility Test (NET / SET) conducted by UGC. Today, 20 students are serving as Professors of sociology in the colleges around the university as well as in other colleges in Maharashtra. Also, 25 students of this department are working in Government and Non-Government offices from class I to class IV by achieving success through competitive examinations.

In the session 2018-19, the college will be given recognized a research centre for the degree of Ph.D. in ‘Sociology’ in the branch of humanities by Sant Gadge Baba Amravati University, Amravati. The head of the department in this research centre, Dr. Dinkar Umbarkar and Dr. Sunil Pralhad Gaygol is recognized as the supervisor of Ph. D. Degree. In the session 2019-20, the Department of Sociology started the Certificate Course in Applied Sociology in order to create practicality in the subject of Sociology among the students.



After Graduation from B.A. program with sociology subject, students outcome as follows – 

PSO 1 : The work of creating social awareness among the students is done through this program

PSO 2 : The course introduces the basic concepts in the subject of Sociology.

PSO 3 : The program is useful in inculcating a classical view of society in students.

PSO 4 : The program provides students with the necessary information regarding Government and Non-Government job opportunities as well as competitive examinations.

PSO 5 : This programme seeks to inculcate a humanism attitude in the students.

PSO 6 : Students have a realistic understanding of personal, social and national issues.

PSO 7 : The quality and qualifications required to become a teacher of Sociology are introduced through this program.

PSO 8 : The importance of tribal, rural and urban communities in the structure of Indian society and its changing nature is made clear through the program.

PSO 9 : Students develop a passion for social planning.

PSO 10 : The program introduces students to their duties towards family, society and country.

After Post Graduation from M. A.  program with sociology subject, students outcome as follows –


PSO 1 : The program covers the history of the origin of sociology and the contribution of Western and Indian sociologists in it.

PSO 2 : The program introduces the students to their duties towards family, society and country.

PSO 3 : The program provides knowledge of the new challenges facing the country and the role of students in it.

PSO 4 : Through this program the qualities and qualifications of a social researcher are formed in the students.

PSO 5 : Students get to know the importance of Indian agribusiness and the challenges it faces.

PSO 6 : Students are introduced to employment opportunities in the research field.

PSO 7 : The program introduces various areas of social research and introduces new study methods of social research.

PSO 8 : This program helps to develop the personality of the students from a social point of view.

PSO 9 : This program provides students with necessary information regarding Government and Non-Government job opportunities as well as competitive examinations.

PSO 10 : The program identifies the challenges faced by the researcher while conducting social research and the task of overcoming these challenges.