The department of Sanskrit has began in year 1938 in this college. The aim of the Sanskrit  department is to make the students aware of our Ancient knowledge and encourage them to study similarities and  differences between Indian languages and Sanskrit. We have Aim of bringing our students more near to our culture and have a thorough understanding of these ancient language, which is mother of founder of  all our languages which we are using now in our daily communication. We have Introduced Sanskrit to the students who don’t have Sanskrit subject earlier and unveil various aspects and shades of languages and literature like poetry, Drama etc. The department runs two subjects that are compulsory Sanskrit and Sanskrit literature.

The Teaching faculties who had contributed for the enrichment of students were Dr.Bapurao Joshi  1938 Prof.P.R.Dadegaonkar,Dr.Archana Lal Singh(1980-2017),Now Dr.Vedanjali Kale join  in 2017 Incharge  Department of Sanskrit


Sanskrit has been the soul of India and the crowning  glory of its heritage for thousand of has been a language of culture and manners and has also gained prominence in the entire world for its scientific nature and use. It is called the mother of Indian Languages and the most ancient language of Indo European family. Almost all Indian Languages such as Tamil,Telugu,kannada,Bengali,Assamese, Gujrati,Punjami And Marathi Have been derived from Sanskrit. We must believe in the dictum Sanskrit Is our Heritage and work Diligently towards making sure that we honor its history as well as its scholars. It is the language of our intellectual treasure.


  • Enhance basic communication skills in understanding sanskrit language in Reading,Writing & Speaking.
  • Students would be able to understanding basic grammer
  • Learner would be well informed about the Historical sanskrit
  • The inner structure of Sanskrit drama and poems can be well understood by the
  • Learners would be able to understand the concept of person behavior and improvement made by their based on the Teaching of Geeta and Upanisads.
  • Over all increase the ability to promote the glorious cultural heritage of our
  • By learning Sanskrit the students is eligible for admission in postgraduate courses, ed and competitive examination.
  • Sanskrit graduates can pursure their career in teaching government or private institution