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Late Smt. Sitabai Jain

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National Conference
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National Conference
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'Parimal' (The College Magazine)

     PARIMAL, the college magazine is published around the month of April each year. It is the annual publication of the college, which gives opportunity to the student writers to express themselves. It gives them a platform to publish their writings such as poems, stories, essays and other creative and productive ideas. There is an editorial board of teachers.

     PARIMAL is being published from the year 1964 regularly. It includes the annual report of the college and activities of the past year.

     The magazine has English, Marathi, and Hindi, Sanskrit and Urdu sections. It includes articles contributed by staff and students in each of these sections. PARIMAL magazine reflects thoughts, ideas & qualities of our student teachers. It develops student's Academic Skills. Taking into account the speed at which the world is changing, it is increasingly apparent that the right education, though not the ultimate answer, is the guiding light that will enable us to retain clarity of thought and vision. We, here at Sitabai Arts College, with awareness and adaptability ingrained in our foundation and with time and tradition to fortify it, seek to be reasonably grounded in reality as well in quality education and aspire towards becoming a part - however big or small - of this continuous process of the demystification of the world.

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